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What we do and our markets

What we do

MB Industries Incorporated was founded in 1985 and was operating in a modest 20' x 30' building located in Wapakoneta, OHIO. Nowadays MB has successfully grown and produces some of the finest welding and metalwork consumables anywhere. Our company has both well developed distribution system and regular corporate clients.

MB Industries is involved in production of products that help welders and metalworkers to do their job without expending their time for second operation work. Thus, Spatter-Spatter, our flagship product, has a known reputation for safety and effectiveness. Our diligence to align ourselves with a network of welding distributors has successfully spread Spatter-Spatter completely across North America. The “air powered can” with its great safety record is important to our success.

Our employees are committed to producing quality products and delivering them in the shortest period of time. MB’s goal is to supply “top shelf” products that minimize welding cost and maximize quality and profitability.

Our Markets

Although most of our products are manufactured for application in welding industry (arc welding, Plasma welding, MIG, TIG etc.) some of them are produced for application in metalwork. Thus, Whitewater coolant and 100C Coolant are designed specifically for use in cutting, drilling, turning and machining of metals.


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